Last Sunday Little Nelson and I went to visit our good friends Melissa and Will Kinton and their beautiful babies, Zeb and Taylor.

We had a great little visit. Zeb and I cooked in his little kitchen and then he played monster chase with Nelson for a little while. And I got to love on Taylor.

I love to kiss her fat little cheeks. She has the softest, sweetest cheeks I have ever seen.

Zeb got tired and he climbed into my lap to watch a show on TV and he went to sleep.

Melissa had taken Taylor to feed her and while she was gone Zeb started to cough. The way he had his head laying on my shoulder he was coughing directly in my face and before I could get him moved he did it about six times. Melisa heard him and said, "Oh, my. That is new."

Well, by morning Taylor and he both were sick and they were at the doctor's office. They had RSV. So Melissa called me Monday and said, "We're on a sinking ship and you're going down with us. You have about four days. Happy Valentine's Day."

Sure enough by Thursday morning it started.

My church celebrated its 40th anniversary Sunday and I was supposed to be singing in the choir. My throat felt like someone had used a cheese grater on it so I knew that wasn't going to happen.

I was supposed to be getting Little Nelson a new shirt to wear because he was still singing and I didn't. So Sunday morning he is up getting ready to go and he says, "Where's my shirt?" Oh no! I was so sick, I didn't even think about it.

He had to be there at nine. I told him to get ready real quick and we would go to Kmart before we went to the church.

We went to Kmart and he is wanting a pink shirt with a matching tie but they don't have any. He says, "Where else can we go?" I said, "Nowhere. Find one here." So he picked a purple one.

Now the dilemma was, how is he going to get it on?

We pulled over at the side of the building for him to change. He has that cast on his right arm and he's right handed, plus we were inside the van and he didn't have a lot of room to move around, so I told him to step outside.

He is so funny in these situations and we seem to find ourselves in them a lot.

He got out with his shirt part of the way buttoned and his pants unbuttoned while he was punching in his shirt. After he got his pants buttoned he couldn't button the small buttons on the sleeve and one wouldn't even go around his cast. So I got out to help him.

He kept looking behind him saying, "I think I hear somebody!" I told him he was just paranoid to be still. We got him all buttoned up and I got his tie on and looked very handsome.

We left there and went on to the church which is just down the road. On the way we passed a police car with its lights and siren on. He said, "Where do you think he's going?" I said, "Somebody probably called them on somebody changing their clothes in the Kmart parking lot!" He said, "Really?"

Poor boy, he is so funny!

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