It seems like I am always saying something about Little Nelson in my columns. What can I say? He has always been a very high maintenance child and continues to be one now. 

This column is going to be about the child you don't hear so much about--Kayla. 

On May 20 Kayla will graduate from High School. This has been a long hard road for us. She did just fine until we got into Chemistry last year and now this year it's geometry, although geometry has been a little easier.

 When Kayla was in Kindergarten she was diagnosed with ADHD. She was absolutely wild. The poor kid could not sit still long enough to do anything. It makes me tired just thinking about it. Nobody wanted us around.

 Then at about the 5th grade she changed. Now she is calm as can be. You wouldn't think she was the same child. She doesn't get in a hurry to do anything now. She still has some trouble concentrating but she has learned to manage it. 

Kayla's is getting married June 18th and she plans to take classes and become a nurse. All her life she said she wanted to be a teacher but recently she changed her mind. 

She will make a great nurse. She is a kind loving person and she truly cares for other people. Kayla has a big heart with lots of love to give. 

This past year has probably been one of the hardest years of my life. Just knowing that last Thanksgiving and Christmas would be our last one with her at home. 

May 23rd will be her last birthday at home with us. Our family will never be the same again. For one thing I will be the only girl in the family and the other thing is that I won't get to see Kayla every day. 

Our family is changing and it will take some getting used to. 

Very soon we will be adding Michael to our family. Michael is a wonderful person and I couldn't see myself giving Kayla up to anyone else. The best thing about Michael is that he loves Kayla and that's what matters. I know he will do everything in his power to make sure she is always taken care of. 

Here's some more news--I am going to be a grandmother. Kayla is due December 26th. I am very excited! We got to see the baby but it was only a little blob. We did get to see the heartbeat. We go back on Kayla's birthday and hopefully we will get to see more then. 

Like I said, our family will never be the same again; it is growing by leaps and bounds!

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