We had a great Christmas this year and I hope yours was the same.

We celebrated with my sister and her family and my mom and step-father Thursday night. We ended up having the back room at Dinner Bell all to ourselves. We ate, talked and took a few pictures.

I love it when we get together like that. Our lives are so busy that we don't get together like we used to and I'm afraid there will come a day when we won't bother with it at all. I hope that doesn't happen.

Friday night, we exchanged gifts with the kids. Nelson has always had to work on Christmas. In the 20 years that we have been together he has probably been home all day for two Christmases.

When the kids were younger and still believed, we had to open gifts very early on Christmas morning but now we usually do it on Christmas Eve. This year Michael had to work Christmas Eve and we couldn't leave him out.

Saturday we went to see Melissa, Will, Zeb and Taylor Kinton. We exchanged our gifts and went to lunch at the IHOP.

Kayla has been dying to try the holiday hotcakes. Every time she saw the commercial she almost started to drool. No joke. She got her hotcakes and we had a blast.

Zeb, who is three, and Taylor, who is 17 months, are so much fun. The IHOP was closing early that day and none of us wanted to leave.

We went to church Sunday morning, stopped by to see my grandma and then went home. I was cleaning in the kitchen and I told Little Nelson to open the box with John Carter's new stroller inside it. He got a new pocket knife for Christmas and I knew he wanted to use it.

He was in there cutting the box and I heard him say, "Oh my gosh!" and Kayla say, "Mom!" I turned around and he had blood pouring off his hand and pooling on the floor. I took him into the kitchen and ran cold water over his hand and it was cut pretty deep. I wrapped a towel around it and we left for the emergency room.

He got off pretty lucky. They didn't stitch it up; they used glue on it.

Nelson has a fear of needles. If they had sewn his hand up, he would have passed out for sure. He is fine, but his hand is pretty sore and of course he is soaking up all the attention he can get.

We spent a quiet day at home Monday getting things ready for the baby. If he doesn't make his appearance by Thursday, the doctor is admitting her Thursday evening and inducing her. So, this is the week! John Carter will be here by Friday.

I can't wait to see his beautiful face and to kiss his cheeks. I know he will have very kissable cheeks! Look for more next week.

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