As of Tuesday, Dec. 20 we still do not have a baby.

We are patiently, no, scratch that, impatiently waiting. I think he is just being stubborn.

Monday night I was talking to him and telling him how much room he has out here. I told him he could stretch out and not be so cramped. He just stuck his bottom out to me.

It is so weird. We can actually feel his body parts through Kayla's stomach. I pat him on his little bottom all the time.

A friend of mine said she had been putting off locking her baby's car seat into her car until the last minute. She said when she put the car seat in, then that evening she went into labor. I think I'll get his car seat set later today.

His clothes, bassinet, swing and bouncy seat are all ready to go. We have everything you would need to welcome a new baby home, just no baby.

The last month is always the longest and the hardest. The doctor told us a couple weeks ago to make her walk. We have been walking and walking and walking. Everyday we go to Ingles or Kmart. Sometimes we go to Walmart and on weekends we go to the flea market.

People have told us lots of things that are supposed to start labor. We have heard eating Mexican food or cabbage, driving on a bumpy road, bouncing on an exercise ball, swinging, dancing, doing squats, and one other thing that I won't mention that everyone says will start it but the weirdest things is jumping over the railroad tracks.

How is that supposed to help? Kayla can barely lift her feet, somehow I don't see her jumping over anything.

She goes back to the doctor today (Tuesday) and we'll know more about an estimated arrival time. I think it will happen Saturday or Sunday just as we get ready to sit down to eat or open presents.

We have several things planned for this weekend. Nelson and Micheal both have to work Sunday so we are doing Christmas Saturday.

At this point I really don't care if he comes in the middle of our Christmas dinner. Let him come!

We will just drag our presents and our dinner in to the hospital room and do it there. Those new delivery rooms are big up there. Surely it will hold us all!

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