I don't know how people go through their life or even just day to day living without a church family.

I have the greatest church family. When I start to feel down, which I have a tendency to do quite often, someone is always there to say, "How are you? I was just thinking about you today," and it always brightens my day.

My church family has been so supportive of us through Kayla's pregnancy. The ladies at church gave her lots of maternity clothes and Saturday they gave her a baby shower. Cindy Evans hosted the shower at her house. Thank you Cindy!

If you don't have a church to go to, come visit The First Assembly of God in Sweetwater. We're just past Ingles on Highway 11. Sunday school starts at 9:30 a.m. and worship starts at 10:30 a.m.

We have a nursery and children's church. 

Wednesday evening services begin at 7 p.m. We have classes for all ages. Come on over and join our family!

I know I talk a lot about Kayla and John Carter but I don't know if I have given everyone an update on how they are doing.

Kayla is officially 31 weeks along now. She is measuring a little bigger than normal but Dr. Beverley says that doesn't really mean a lot. She said if she went into labor anytime after 36 weeks that she would let her go.

You know how these things go. He will come when he's ready no matter how much we want him here.

We don't want him too early though. He still needs to cook for a while.

Kayla is looking pretty round these days. She can't see her feet, wear her shoes or get off the couch by herself. She doesn't sleep well and she is hungry all the time. Her phase right now is A&W Root Beer.

She has been having the Braxton Hicks contractions pretty hard. I never had them when I was pregnant or if I did they weren't that bad.

I feel sorry for her when she has them. They are hard and you can see her belly tighten up. They sometimes last for around four minutes. I am glad it's almost over.

John Carter is growing and he's very active. If you poke him he will poke back. It's hilarious.

You can see him roll around. Sometimes you will see a foot or elbow poke out. It truly is a miracle.

We are on pins and needles now waiting for John Carter to make his appearance.

We will be having a baby shower for Kayla on Nov. 5th at 5 p.m. in the basement of The First Assembly. All friends and family are welcome to stop in.

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