Josh Stakely

Josh Stakely, surrounded by family, inked his commitment to Georgetown on Friday at Sequoyah High School

Josh Stakely will soon hang up his red and gold and move on to Georgetown, the Sequoyah senior announced in a Friday ceremony at Sequoyah High School.

The versatile athlete has played multiple sports and multiple positions, but plans to focus on one area of his game at the next level: running back.

“It’s a good education and a good football program, and I hope to go up there and start this year. They said to come up ready to play, so I’m hoping to play this year.”

Sequoyah coach Bobby White says a talent like Stakely’s will not be easy to replace.

“I’m extremely happy,” White said. “I knew somebody would come along and take a chance on him and I believe they’re getting a big steal in Josh. He’s meant a lot. He’s been a starter on both sides of the ball for three years, and so he’s going to be hard to replace.”

Stakely also set some records while playing in red and gold.

“He’s accounted for more yards than any player in Sequoyah history, from what I can find on the records,” White said. “So he’s going to be hard to replace as a person and as a player.”

The Chiefs will miss Stakely’s leadership in the locker room.

“He was a big leader his senior year,” White said. “He really stepped up in that area. That’s a place where he had grown in the last year and he grew as a leader but also a vocal leader.”

Stakely says he’ll most miss the camaraderie among teammates at Sequoyah.

“Definitely the team bonding, the summer and the workouts for sure” Stakely said. “And all the tough games we went through. We were very close.”

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