Editor’s Note: The 2020 All-County Girls Basketball Team was selected by the Advocate and Democrat sports staff through the use of coach nominations, statistics and experience through team coverage.

MVP: Kori Hamilton, Tellico Plains

After a stellar rookie season, Kori Hamilton was named the 2019 All-County Freshman of the Year. In an incredible feat, she followed that up this season by claiming MVP honors, providing arguably the largest spark for a sensational Lady Bears team. Hamilton can score, rebound and defend with the best of them, and she showed it all during another remarkable campaign.

Rookie of the Year: Gracie Hart, Sweetwater

Gracie Hart played a key role for the Lady Wildcats in just her first season with the program. She provided a shooting threat on offense, able to knock down shots from both mid-and-long range. Hart should be a major contributor for Sweetwater in the coming seasons as she continues to improve her game.

Coach of the Year: Gary Tucker, Tellico Plains

You won’t find many coaches across any sport in high school athletics who have made more of an impact than Gary Tucker. He has coached the Lady Bears for more than four decades, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Tucker led Tellico to another strong season in 2019-2020, as his team finished at 23-4 and won the District 4-A title.

Abbey Borden, Sequoyah

Abbey Borden absolutely buoyed the Lady Chiefs in her junior season. She posed a major threat to opposing teams in the paint, able to score and rebound with high effectiveness. Sequoyah’s offense was often centered around her, and she didn’t disappoint in putting the Lady Chiefs on her back.

Hanna Carroll, Sequoyah

A true guard for the Lady Chiefs, Hanna Carroll was all over the court during her junior year. She can shoot effectively while also dishing out assists and providing hustle plays. The type of player any coach would want on their team, head coach Allyson Bowers is surely thankful her roster boasts Carroll.

Macy Miner, Sequoyah

Also a key contributor on Sequoyah’s softball team, Macy Miner particularly excelled in running the point for the Lady Chiefs. She plays with tenacity and consistently helps put her team in position to succeed. The sophomore has two more years left in the program, both of which should see her improve and provide even more positive play.

Olivia Underwood, Sequoyah

A University of Tennessee softball commit, Olivia Underwood is dangerous on the court as well. She’s a sharpshooter, executing the catch-and-shoot almost every time she gets the ball. Underwood’s shooting often sparked the Lady Chiefs, and it will likely be a big part of Sequoyah’s offense during her senior season.

Mikalee Martin, Sweetwater

Mikalee Martin gave the Lady Wildcats what every program would want this season: a senior leader who can score, pass, rebound and defend. She’s a Tennessee Wesleyan signee but gave her all for Sweetwater in her final season, leading the team in scoring more nights than not. A longtime standout for head coach Heather Jaramillo, saying Martin will be missed is a huge understatement.

Abbey Barr, Sweetwater

In search of a dynamic guard? Look no further than Abbey Barr. The junior leaves nothing to be desired for the Lady Wildcats, consistently knocking down 3-pointers and making plays for her teammates. Barr is the foundation of Sweetwater’s team, and with one year remaining in her prep career, expect more big play next season.

Trinity Upton, Sweetwater

If Martin and Barr represent Sweetwater’s past and present, Trinity Upton is its future. The sophomore was a big part of the Lady Wildcats’ offense and defense this season, notching hustle plays and scoring when needed. Upton boasts massive amounts of potential and could well be the program’s main weapon in the coming years.

Emily Allen, Sweetwater

As is often the case with post players, Emily Allen did the dirty work for the Lady Wildcats as a junior. She was key for Sweetwater in grabbing rebounds and scoring from close-to-mid range, adding an important dynamic to the team’s on-court product. Her importance to Jaramillo’s squad can’t be overlooked and should only increase during her senior season.

Maggie Hooper, Tellico Plains

Anytime Maggie Hooper gets the ball, defenses should look for the 3-pointer. They should also look for her to make it, as the sophomore drains shots game in and game out. On a team that boasts strong depth and talent, she stands out as a driving, sharpshooting force in the Lady Bears’ offense, a role she should hold for the foreseeable future.

Joell Stinnett, Tellico Plains

All teams need an effective, aggressive post, and Joell Stinnett fits the bill for Tellico. Mixing a smooth shot and powerful rebounding, she’s a player any opposing coach should lose sleep over. Just a sophomore, the positives she brings to the Lady Bears can be counted on for the next two years.

Jaden Hollinghead, Tellico Plains

On a roster with no seniors, junior Jaden Hollinghead has stepped up as a leader for the Lady Bears. Part of that leadership is through example on the court, where she dominates, seemingly always able to grab a second-chance rebound and score. Hollinghead takes over games at whim, and both her experience and talents will continue to be key for Tellico in her senior year.

Chloe Ratledge, Tellico Plains

Another important part of a strong Lady Bears sophomore class, Chloe Ratledge seems to fill in the gaps every night. She can shoot the ball well and both run the point and play on the wing. Ratledge is versatile, and on a team that has strengths at pretty much every position, she will be able to fit in anywhere she’s needed for the next two seasons.

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