Sequoyah quarterback John-Douglas Wiggins launches a pass downfield.

When John-Douglas Wiggins joined Sequoyah’s football practice on a whim earlier this summer, he likely didn’t expect the impromptu offer to turn into a job interview.

But now, the former Chiefs quarterback is back with the program.

Wiggins is on new head coach Ryan Bolinger’s staff as an assistant, tasked with coaching Sequoyah’s quarterbacks and defensive backs.

“I had him out to practice one day back in June,” Bolinger said. “Two of the quarterbacks weren’t there, I needed a scout team quarterback. And I had met him, so I had his number. I texted him, ‘Hey, you want to come throw some scout team stuff for my defense?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll be right there.’

“He comes over and the next thing you know, John-Douglas starts coaching them up on the fly and I was like, ‘Man, this young kid, he knows what he’s talking about.’ I talked to him and it didn’t look like he was going to play any college ball. So I offered him a job. And he’s doing a great job.”

Wiggins, a standout multi-sport athlete for Sequoyah who graduated this past year, essentially became Sequoyah’s franchise quarterback during his career. He started at signal caller for three seasons, earning All-County honors each of those years.

And he’s still helping the Chiefs, just now from the sidelines instead of on the field.

“Technically, he’s still back … He’s doing a great job,” Bolinger said.

Chiefs scrimmage King’s Academy

Sequoyah traveled to The King’s Academy in Seymour on Monday for the Chiefs’ first scrimmage action this preseason.

And Bolinger saw both positives and negatives from his team.

“For being the first scrimmage, definitely a lot of little detail stuff that we’ve got to work out,” Bolinger said. “Just some basic fundamental-type stuff that the kids just were missing and that probably has a lot to do with being our first scrimmage. For King’s, it was their second (scrimmage), and it clearly looked like they had a little bit more time out there, so it wasn’t as rough for them right at the go.”

The Chiefs notched a five-play drive that ended with a touchdown at the beginning of the scrimmage, following it up with drives of 15-plays and eight-plays each.

“We did some good things,” Bolinger said. “Offensively, we were doing some good stuff. We had some turnovers on defense. Not a lot of turnovers for either team, but we had a forced fumble and we recovered it behind the line of scrimmage, so we had some good things from that perspective.”

“There was definitely some promising things that came from it,” Bolinger added. “Still overall learning. I’ve only been there now for two months and so just learning the offense, learning the defense, teaching these kids how to learn concepts as opposed to just ‘on this play, this is what I have.’

“It all changes based on the concept. The concept stays the same, but what you do in that concept may be a little different.”

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