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Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt watches from the sideline in the second half against Georgia on Oct. 5 in Knoxville.

Fresh off of an open week, Tennessee has a chance to become bowl eligible in a road game at Missouri on Saturday.

The Vols (5-5, 3-3 SEC) will also be looking to halt a losing streak to the Tigers (5-5, 2-4) that has extended to two games.

What can Tennessee do to claim victory over Missouri in the latest edition of this SEC series?

Tigers’ loss to Florida provides info

Missouri lost 23-6 to fellow SEC team Florida in its last game.

The Tigers were never able to get their offense going against the Gators, which is a good sign for Tennessee.

The Vols’ defense shouldn’t have much of a problem stopping Missouri’s attack.

That means Saturday’s key matchup will likely be Tennessee’s offense versus Missouri’s defense, which looked good for a while against Florida despite its offense continually letting it down.

Use Jauan Jennings in the Wildcat

Tennessee has utilized senior wide receiver Jauan Jennings, a former high school signal caller, at quarterback in the Wildcat formation this season. {span}{/span}

Missouri has had trouble defending the quarterback run game, and Jennings is adept at gaining yards out of this look.

That’s a recipe that could prove fairly fruitful for the Vols against the Tigers.

Disguise, improvise QB runs

But Tennessee doesn’t just have to use Jennings as a quarterback runner, though.

Redshirt junior Jarret Guarantano, who very well could start for the Vols after a strong performance against Kentucky, had a key run that sealed Tennessee’s win late in the game.{span}{/span}

The Vols lined up in a power set, but Guarantano picked up the first down on a bootleg scramble. It looked like the initial call was a pass play, but his running ability was key for success.

The Vols can either call designed runs or allow their quarterback the option to scramble if it presents itself.

Contain Kelly Bryant

Quarterback Kelly Bryant is one of Missouri’s best players, but the Vols shouldn’t have a very hard time stopping him if their defense plays him correctly.{span}{/span}

Like they did against Kentucky’s Lynn Bowden, even more of a dangerous athlete, the Vols could position their linebackers to where they can play effective zone coverage while also serving as force players in the running game.{span}{/span}

If Tennessee’s defensive backs then play tight, possibly man, coverage, it will be tough for Bryant to make plays against head coach Jeremy Pruitt’s defense.

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