Seth Moser

Seth Moser stands for a photo. The Sequoyah senior was named a Bassmaster High School All-American, the first in school history.

Seth Moser was all alone in his passion.

The then-middle schooler and amateur fisherman was hoping to start a bass fishing team at Vonore Middle School, trying to interact with others that shared his interest.

There was just one snag: none of the other students reciprocated his love for the sport.

“We didn’t really have anybody else other than me that was interested in it,” Moser said.

Now, several years later, his passion has been much more recognized and well received.

The Sequoyah senior and Chiefs fishing team member was recently named a Bassmaster High School All-American, the first in the school’s history. The award, presented by Academy Sports + Outdoors, is given to 12 fishermen; Moser was among more than 400 applicants.

“It’s a huge honor because all the way up through high school bass fishing, you always would see in the Bassmaster magazine (fishers chosen for the All-American teams),” Moser said. “It’s a huge honor because you see those guys on TV, you see them in the magazines.

“It’s like, ‘I want to do that one day.’”

But that’s only part of Moser’s journey in competitive fishing, one that has spanned from weekend fishing trips with family to receiving one of the prestigious high school fishing award.

From research to rewards

It all began at the age of 12.

Moser’s father and grandfather didn’t fish, so his interest wasn’t peaked until he went fishing with his uncle and other members of the family. But he was soon hooked, researching all he could about what would turn out to be one of his greatest, and most profitable, passions.

“Like any good passion, you want to try to eat it up as much as you can when you first get into it,” Moser said.

The majority of the information Moser found was related to bass fishing, so he naturally took up the sport. Soon enough, his father found an interest in it as well, and the two began fishing together more and more, eventually buying a boat and taking it out every weekend.

“He’s a big supporter in everything I do,” Moser said.

Moser also fished with a local fisherman, who quickly became his mentor, and competed in his first tournament when he was 13, continuing his love for bass fishing until he joined the Sequoyah fishing team as a freshman.

It was there that he finally found what he had been yearning for: fellow young-yet-avid fishermen to share his passion with.

“When I went in my freshman year, I loved that because I had a bunch of people around me who were passionate about the same thing I was,” Moser said.

‘Never had anyone from Sequoyah ever get that’

Moser sprinted down the hallway when he learned the news.

As it isn’t allowed for applicants to recommend themselves for the Bassmaster All-American team, he had asked his coach, Brent Butler, to submit a recommendation for him. Butler did, filling the application with not only Moser’s fishing achievements, but also his community service and conservation work, aspects that Bassmaster looks for as well in award recipients.

And it paid off.

“I was fist-bumping my principal … told her we got it,” Moser said. “We’ve never had anyone from Sequoyah ever get that. We’ve never had anybody even get the All-State one.

“So it was a pretty awesome experience to be able to give it.”

Moser had worked hard for this, helping aid the Sequoyah fishing program with his teammates through fundraising and competing in tournaments. The group had to look for advertisers to help sponsor the team, with many advertisers adorning the jerseys worn by the team.

During Moser’s freshman year, he said, the team raised enough money to purchase jerseys for each member.

“It was a big eye-opener into what we could really do,” Moser said.

Despite qualifying for the Bassmaster High School national championship with his partner both his sophomore and junior year and notching his first high school tournament win as a junior as well, Moser said that he really didn’t achieve much prior to his senior year.

“There’s so many good fishermen that fish all throughout our area … so all the way up into my junior year, I hadn’t ever really won anything or done really good,” Moser said.

But any questions about Moser’s impact on the team or the high school bass fishing landscape crumbled when the award winners were announced. The senior, whose résumé includes four wins, one Top-5 finish and six Top-20 finishes, was an All-American.

“I was very blessed to get that opportunity,” Moser said. “There were over 400 people across the United States that applied and they cut it down to 62 All-State (award-winners.)”

A future bass fishing anesthesiologist

Moser’s accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed.

“Academically, Moser is in the top 1% of the senior class and has maintained that ranking all four years,” Sequoyah High School principal Debi Tipton said in a release. “Not only does Seth get great grades, he also participates in many extracurricular activities.

“He personally raised over $16,000 over the course of four years for the Sequoyah High School Bass Fishing Team as well as completed 82 hours of community service.”

He also was invited to the National Youth Leadership Conference for Medicine and Science and has served as Sequoyah’s FCA president.

As for his future plans?

Moser is heading to the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, where he will fish for the school’s team. He hopes to even link up with a former opponent from Soddy-Daisy High School that he’s competed against for four years.

“We’re going to be fishing together down there and hopefully being able to compete at the national level and hopefully get back to the national championship on the collegiate level,” Moser said.

While at UTC, Moser plans on majoring in biochemistry with aspirations of attending medical school and becoming an anesthesiologist.

“But if the stars line up and God wills,” Moser said, “I’ll try to go professional in the fishing aspect of things.”

If he does, expect the positive reception and recognition to continue for Moser.

He’s come a long way since middle school.

{span id=”docs-internal-guid-90cafb95-7fff-2d96-72d4-f0c97a2992e3”}Seth would like to thank Starr Mountain Outfitters, MGC Custom Tackle, Dakota Lights, Bad Man Bass Co., AFTCO and Mckee Outdoors for helping sponsor his trip.{/span}

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