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Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield looks to pass during the Browns' 21-17 win over the New York Jets on Sept. 20, 2018, in Cleveland. The Browns snapped a 19-game skid with the win while wearing their Color Rush look for the first time. 

Then there are perceived jinxes regarding uniforms. When Seattle lost to Chicago at home early in 2009, the Seahawks didn't wear the neon-green jerseys again, with then-coach Jim Mora having a simple answer: "We didn't win in them."

Cowboys fans start moaning whenever Dallas takes the field in blue jerseys, expecting a loss. Brandt says the idea of that jinx stems from an early defeat in St. Louis. The Cardinals made their rivals wear blue jerseys and then beat Dallas. The next season, a billboard near their hotel greeted the Cowboys boasting that Dallas would be jinxed by being forced to wear blue again.

"So then that started it," Brandt said of the rumored jinx. "And on occasion, we had everybody wanting us to wear blue jerseys on the road."

And yes, there's a stat for a team's success in every uniform combination.

"Sometimes it leads to kind of these superstitious ideas," Kendle said.

Winning can make a look very popular. The Cleveland Browns snapped a 19-game skid wearing their Color Rush look for the first time when Baker Mayfield came off the bench, leading the Browns to a 21-17 win over the Jets last September.

"Immediately that Color Rush uniform became the popular uniform for the Cleveland Browns," Melvin said.

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