Details for Public Notices

Public Notices
Marna Maynard Hull
Monroe County Trustee
For your convenience, a 24-hour drop box is available in front of the Trust-
ee’s office or you may mail your payment to: Monroe County Trustee, 103
College Street South, Suite 2, Madisonville, Tennessee 37354.
2014 Monroe County property taxes are now due and payable through Febru-
ary 28, 2015 without additional penalty and interest. Beginning March 1, a
mandatory 1.5% per month penalty and interest will be assessed.
The Trustee’s website is also available for you to check your property taxes,
pay property taxes on-line, and find out more info about Tax Relief programs
for the elderly, veterans and disabled.
Should you have questions, please call the Trustee’s office at 423-442-2920.
Public Notice Required by T.C.A. § 767-5-2401:
To Delinquent Taxpayers of Monroe County
If you have not paid your property taxes for 2013 you are advised that
after March 1, 2015 additional penalties and costs will be imposed in
consequence of a mandatory suit to be filed for enforcement of the lien
for taxes against land. Until the filing of such suit these taxes may be
paid at the Monroe County Trustee’s office. PO# 66852
The following participating banks in Monroe County can accept your 2014
current year property tax payment (no rax relief, partial payment or prior year
taxes) through 2/28/2015: BB&T, People’s Bank, Volunteer Federal.


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