The amount of COVID-19 cases in Monroe County has climbed to around 30, largely due to an increase in testing.

From the end of April to May 4, the number of positive cases in the county nearly doubled from 15 to almost 30.

Monroe County Mayor Mitch Ingram stated the increase in the number of positive test results was brought about due to the increased number of people being tested for the virus.

“April 18, we had tested roughly 279 people at that point and that was the start of what we call the ‘testing surge’ across the state,” said Ingram.

“In two and half weeks we have doubled the number of tests to 500 tests in a two week period compared to what we have, so we are testing at a higher rate and I would say that we are still running around the 5% positive rate based on the number of tests.”

He noted the 5% rate is the same as what the county has been running prior to increased number of tests.

“We are testing by the masses now ... I think that is why we are seeing an increase not just in Monroe County but state and nationwide, too,” Ingram stated.

The increase in the number of people is not the result of any kind of “big breakout,” he noted.

“All of the cases are not even related,” Ingram noted. “They are just random single cases.”

Social distancing, along with use of personal protective equipment, is still recommended when in public.

“As the economy and businesses start to reopen, we are seeing more people get out and go to restaurants and businesses that were closed,” said Ingram. “So citizens should continue to use good hygiene and follow all of the CDC recommendations.”

He also asked that people support the local businesses that have already or plan to reopen.

“They need our support right now more than ever and we are going to have to be patient with them because they have guidelines that they have to follow,” he stated. “These guidelines include operating at 50% capacity, so that may require a little longer wait for a table or an appointment but we need to support our local businesses because they need us right now.”

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