Sweetwater Schools currently plan to restart in-person classes on Aug. 7.

According to Sweetwater Schools Director Rodney Boruff, the schools will be performing frequent temperature checks, hand washing and sanitizing throughout the building and high traffic areas.

The schools will also implement more safety precautions dictated by CDC and state guidelines.

More information, concerning masks and other precautions, can be found on the Sweetwater Schools website.

The schools will also be utilizing buses and bus rules from the county school system.

Students will be required to wear masks upon entering and while on the bus.

“We are not encouraging bus travel this year as much as we normally would for the safety of our students,” Boruff said. “That is a very tight space to put kids on so we are encouraging parents to bring their children to school.”

Though bus transportation is not being encouraged, Boruff stated that the service will remain due to certain situations not allowing parents to drop off or pick up their children.

A virtual school option is also available for parents who would rather keep their children home until the pandemic subsides.

“We put out information on our website about online registration,” Boruff noted.

“We wanted to give parents that option so all they have to do is go onto our website and register their child for online classes.”

High traffic areas in the school such as the cafeteria will be handled at the discretion of each school’s principal.

“One thing we are working on is rotating students in and out of the cafeteria to try to maintain social distancing policy,” stated Boruff. “So some students will eat in the cafeteria while others eat in the classroom but we will rotate them each day.”

Boruff asked for parents to remain patient as the schools attempt to figure out the best possible solution during the pandemic.

“I just ask that we don’t judge people for sending their kids to school or for not sending their kids back to school,” said Boruff.

“It is their choice and thankfully I feel very blessed to give them two options and I just ask for your patience.

“Allow us to grow in this process and, at the very most, our top priority is to ensure the safety of our students and staff and that drives every decision that we make.”

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