The Monroe County Health Department is continuing to receive a good turnout from people to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.

According to Monroe County Health Department Director Teresa Harrill, they are currently accepting appointments.

“Our goal is to vaccinate 850 people per week,” Harrill said. “We are vaccinating every day but somedays are slower than others, such as Tuesday and Thursday.”

Those who would like to make an appointment with the health department or any other participating location can do so by visiting or by calling 866-442-5301.

“When you go to the site you will select the county, then it will ask a series of generic questions ... Once you do that you can select the date, time and place you would like to receive your vaccine,” she noted. “The website also shows all of the available locations as well as what brand of vaccine they have so people can choose the kind that interests them.”

Locations currently offering vaccinations include: Walmart, Sweetwater Hospital, Chota, Little Drugs and Vonore Drugs.

“We currently offer Moderna and we have had Moderna the whole time,” she said. “We have had Pfizer and we are now wrapping up with Moderna and will be strictly Pfizer.”

Harrill noted they currently do not have any plans to host off-site vaccinations, however that could change should the demand pick up.

“We still have our tents set up at Hiwassee College so we are prepared,” she stated. “If we do another one it will be a first come, first serve basis.”

She added that the effects of the vaccinations can already been seen.

“I definitely believe it has increased the health of the community,” she expressed. “We have seen a drop in cases and I hope that doesn’t go up. I think overall this is going to make a difference in keeping our community safe and I hope this is the light at the end of this pandemic tunnel.”

She also thanked the entire Monroe County Health Department staff for their hard work.

“I have been so appreciative of the staff of the health department, they have worked tirelessly over the past year,” she expressed. “We feel that the more people that are vaccinated the sooner we will see some semblance of normal, so we still encourage people to wear a mask and practice social distancing because we know that has been working.”

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