People ages 75 and older can now receive the COVID-19 vaccinations across the county.

Monroe County Mayor Mitch Ingram recently discussed his general thoughts about the vaccine.

“We are excited that we are one of the first counties and one of four states in the nation that is distributing the vaccine,” Ingram said. “We had started our vaccination process in mid-December that started at the hospital ... We are moving into the second stage, 1a2, which is our funeral services and other healthcare facilities, but we are also vaccinating our 75 and older population.”

The county held a clinic at the Monroe County Health Department last Saturday and vaccinated approximately 250 citizens.

“We have vaccinated about 450 people as of today (Monday) and we have a very busy schedule this week,” he noted. “We are vaccinating on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and we are testing on Tuesday and Thursday at the health department.”

The county health department is distributing the Moderna vaccine while the hospital received the Pfizer vaccine.

“The next step in the phase will be all of the school care, which we are looking for the end of the month or the first of February,” Ingram stated. “Then we start getting into the rest of the population starting with the essential workers. We are hoping that by summer the vaccine will be available to anyone who wants to receive it, but we are also hoping that we can provide vaccinations to everyone who is in the high risk group between January and March.”

Those who wish to schedule an appoint for vaccinations can do so through Eventbrite, at -county-hd-covid-19-vaccine-for-phase1a1 -1a2-75-and-over-tickets-133405777271

“You do not call the health department to schedule an appointment. Appointments are made through the Eventbrite website to receive your vaccination,” Ingram said. “We are booked through Wednesday so our next available day will be this Friday. The mayor’s office will gladly help anyone schedule an appointment, should they not have internet access or don’t know how to schedule their appointment.”

Ingram believes the vaccinations are “history in the making.”

“When we gave our first vaccines to our first responders it became history,” he expressed. “It is very efficient and we encourage everyone, especially those in the vulnerable age group, to receive it. It is free and available if they want the vaccination.”

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