Sweetwater Dixie Youth

Sweetwater Dixie Youth Baseball is moving forward with plans to play its season this summer.

Sweetwater Dixie Youth Baseball is moving forward amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The local youth baseball league plans to play its regular season this summer. It plans to schedule games through the end of July, Player Agent Morgan Yates confirmed to The Advocate & Democrat.

“As of now we expect to be clear to take the field on June 1!” Yates wrote Thursday on Sweetwater Dixie Youth’s Facebook group page. “Directors/Coaches should have been in touch. Teams will likely be redrafted given some have dropped from play.”

In the post, Yates also notified parents of children who won’t play this season that balances could be forwarded to next year or that a refund could be requested, but that refunds may not be immediately available. Money for parent shirts will be refunded.

Monroe County’s two other leagues, Madisonville Dixie Youth and Tellico Dixie Youth, cancelled their seasons. Tellico announced its cancellation on April 30, with Madisonville following on May 1.

Tellico offered parents refunds while also giving them the option to donate for field and concession stand upkeep. Madisonville, meanwhile, gave three options: a refund, a donation to the baseball program, or for the funds to be used for football.

Sweetwater Dixie Youth has fielded recent success. The 5/6 team won the 2019 Dixie Youth 6u World Series last July and were celebrated with a city parade.

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