After arresting a couple on drug charges after they were allegedly spotted having sex in the parking lot of Plaza 68, a couple of days later, Sweetwater Police arrested two more after being told they were fighting in a Cadillac.

Sweetwater Police Sgt. Brandon Cansler said it was just after 7 p.m. Friday when he got a call of two people fighting inside of an older white Cadillac in the Plaza 68 parking lot but when he got there, he said the car was pulling out of the parking lot.

Cansler said he ran the tag number and it came back to a Ford. He then pulled the Cadillac over in the Walmart parking lot and found the driver to be David Martin. A man in the backseat was identified as Nicholas Mason.

Cansler ran a check on Martin’s license and it came back as revoked out of Loudon County. Martin then agreed to let Cansler search the car and between the front driver seat and passenger seat, the officer said he found a large pill bottle with the label removed. The bottle contained 27 pills and Cansler said they were Gabapentin.

Cansler also found a small wrapper with four Alprazolam pills in it. Martin allegedly told Cansler they belonged to him.

Under the driver’s seat, Cansler found a small bag with a white substance in it that field tested as meth.

A search of Martin then turned up a plastic container with 10 more Gabapentin pills in it and seven Hydrocodone pills and a small bag with suspected marijuana in it.

Mason, 42, Glenwood Drive, Sweetwater, was charged with simple possession of meth, simple possession of marijuana, possession of Hydrocodone, possession of Gabapentin and driving on a revoked license.

Mason, 29, Pine Hill Road, Madisonville, was charged with simple possession of meth, simple possession of marijuana, simple possession of Hydrocodone and simple possession of Gabapentin.

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