A drug raid on a Madisonville house turned a trove of alleged illegal pills, powder and plants and nearly $12,000 in cash July 18.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Narcotics Agent Dalton Rinehart said he and other officers went to a home on Meadow View Lane and found Brant Hensley standing beside a Ford Ranger. Hensley was served a search warrant, then detained and a fanny pack was searched next to him.

In that bag, allegedly, was 25 Oxycodone pills and bag of approximately 3.5 grams of marijuana. In the bed of the truck, Rinehart said officers found a backpack in the back of the truck filled with money, a bag of suspected meth, a bag of more suspected marijuana and a package of what appeared to be Hashish oil.

In the passenger compartment of the truck, Rinehart said officers found digital scales with a crystal residue on them, a calculator and baggies.

In the house, in the living room, bathroom and bedroom officers found more meth, more baggies, more digital scales and two loaded handguns.

Rinehart said Hensley also had a meth pipe and money on him. More money was found in the bathroom. Rinehart said the money was packaged in a way consistent with drug trafficking. The total amount found was $11,456.

Rinehart said Hensley was interviewed and he said the meth was for his personal use, but he also said people did come over to get small amounts of the drug. He said he didn’t have a prescription for the Oxycodone pills.

Henlsey, 36, Meadow View Lane, Madisonville, was charged with possession of meth for resale, possession of Oxycodone for resale, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

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