Madisonville Police were involved in two high speed chases on the same day recently.

The first one started just before 1 a.m. on July 6 when Patrolman Jesse Moses said he saw the driver of a car exit the Skyway Mart on New Highway 68 carrying a bottle of alcohol.

As he watched, the driver, a woman, pumped gas into her car, got in the car, then got back out and pumped more gas before pulling next to a car, talking to someone, then pulled onto Isbill Road.

Moses said he followed the car until it pulled into a patch of grass next to an apartment building. Moses said he drove on by, but he soon saw the car on Patterson Street where Officer Chris Wilburn got behind it. A check of the tag showed it had been expired for three months.

Wilburn attempted to stop the car and that was when the chase was on.

Moses said the chase covered several miles, exceeding speeds of over 100 mph before officers were able to slow it down near Teague’s store on New Highway 68. Wilburn said as he nudged the car toward the side of the road, the driver accelerated again, but only succeeded in striking a Tellico Plains police car.

Wilburn said the driver of the car, identified as Larry Costner, had to be extracted from the car because he refused to cooperate. He was taken to Sweetwater Hospital, complaining of back pain.

A passenger in the car, Kimberly Yvette Carter, was found to have a small wallet that contained syringes and a used glass pipe. Moses said Carter told him one of the syringes contained meth.

When she reached the jail, Officer Isabella Evans said she found suspected meth in Carter’s groin area.

Costner, 56, Old Citico Road, Vonore, was charged with felony evading arrest, reckless driving and driving on a revoked license.

Carter, 52, same address, was charged with two counts of possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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