A Maryville man managed to elude a Vonore Police officer Nov. 3, but Blount County deputies showed up at his house a few minutes later.

Officer Aaron McMahan said he was on Highway 411 near Old Niles Ferry Road just before 11 p.m. when he saw a white Dodge truck driving north at a high rate of speed.

McMahan said he turned around and tried to catch up with the truck, but the driver continued to accelerate, reaching a speed of 110 mph.

McMahan said the truck went side to side on the highway, entered Blount County, went five miles, made a U-turn, lost control for a moment, faced McMahan’s cruiser for a moment, then took off down Ramsey Road and McMahan lost sight of the truck.

McMahan said 10 minutes passed before he was told Blount County had the driver in custody at his house on North Springfield Road. When he arrived at the house, McMahan said the truck in the driveway was the one he’d been chasing. The Blount County deputies then told McMahan the driver had gotten out of the truck and attempted to hide behind a tractor in the carport before being taken into custody.

McMahan said the driver was identified as Jeffrey Lynn Fugate and he could smell what appeared to be alcohol coming from him. He also said Fugate had bloodshot eyes, delayed speech and difficulty standing under his own power.

McMahan said he placed Fugate under arrest, read him his rights, then Fugate allegedly said he’d been at a bar with friends and they’d given him a margarita, multiple shots of liquor and some beers just prior to McMahan seeing him.

Fugate then told McMahan that he’d outran him.

Fugate, 53, North Springfield Road, Maryville, was charged with DUI and felony evading arrest.

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