A Tellico Plains man was arrested on drug charges on Aug. 15 after he rounded a curve and almost hit a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy near Vonore.

Deputy Cameron Foister said he had a car stopped on the side of Lakeside Road around 9 p.m. and was talking to the driver when another car came around a curve, nearly hitting Foister and his patrol car before coming to a stop.

According to Foister, he walked up to the car and saw the driver with his right hand on the steering wheel and his left hand between his seat and the driver’s side door, like he was reaching for an object or trying to hide something.

The officer told the driver to put both hands on the steering wheel and the driver did, dropping a knife and a black bag into his lap. Despite this, Foister said the driver continued to move around and tried to hide the bag in the floorboard.

By this point, Foister said, other officers had arrived and a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper removed the driver, identified as Aaron Blake Shapiro, while he was kicking the black bag around the floorboard.

A pat-down was done on Shapiro and a capped syringe was found in his left pocket. Shapiro was asked if he had anything else illegal on him and he said he had more syringes in a black bag in the floorboard.

The never-successfully-hidden black bag was then opened and officers found two syringes, a Suboxone strip and ten Oxymorphone pills. In another container, officers found five more syringes.

When asked about the items, Shapiro allegedly admitted they were his. He then failed several field sobriety tests administered by the state trooper.

Shapiro, 33, Carringer Circle, Tellico Plains, was charged with simple possession of Oxymorphone for resale, possession of Suboxone, possession of drug paraphernalia, DUI and driving on a suspended license.

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