A pants-less man was arrested Jan. 1 after law enforcement found his claims of being robbed doubtful.

Madisonville Police Officer Colby Eaton said he and other officers were sent to Englewood Road after a man called 911 saying he had been robbed, his car stolen and he was naked.

Eaton said when he arrived on the scene, he found Gregory Peak without any pants on. Peak told Eaton he had been robbed by a man and woman somewhere near the ABC Mart.

Eaton said he had answered a call at the ABC Mart in reference to a crashed car. Eaton said he and Det. David Wear watched security video at the store and saw Peak pull up in the car, get out and run toward the south side of the building.

Eaton said he read Peak his Miranda Rights, Peak said he understood them, then said he gave a man and a woman he didn’t know a ride from Sweetwater to Madisonville and let them out at the Magic Mart.

Peak said he then went to the ABC Mart where the couple showed up and robbed him in a field.

Eaton said Peak did admit he’d been extremely intoxicated the night before and he had wrecked his car near Sweetwater, but didn’t know exactly where. Another officer then found Peak’s pants and wallet near a semi trailer in the ABC Mart parking lot.

Eaton deemed Peak, 42, Browder Street, Sweetwater, a danger to himself and arrested him, charging him with public intoxication.

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