A new year is expected to bring new changes to the Monroe County animal shelter in 2022.

Monroe County Friends of Animals President Jim Barrett said he is eagerly awaiting the start of construction of the new animal shelter after reaching a cost sharing agreement with the county.

“We couldn’t really go forward on the project without. It would have been really irresponsible,” Barrett said of the agreement. “Once we had reached an agreement with the county, we took the next couple of steps in the process.”

The Kefauver family donated land in Madisonville for the new shelter that is near the Dollar Tree.

“Another piece that we did to move forward was commission a feasibility study,” Barrett noted. “This is an assessment of our support in the community and the prospects of fundraising. We needed that information so that we would know what we want to build, what the probable cost is and what we can expect to raise.”

He believes MCFA will be able to start working on the “final step” within the first few months of this year.

“We want to get all of the construction drawing permits and everything that we need so that when we have the remaining money we need then we will be available to start breaking ground,” he stated. “At some point in the fundraising campaign we will decide when we are comfortable to begin building and we will have all of the preparatory work done.”

Barrett hopes to be able to break ground this year but expects it could take until next year to reach the fundraising goal to start the project.

“We are anxious and our supporters are anxious,” he expressed. “We have been talking about this shelter for many years. We are working as fast as we can to get this completed and we conduct our fundraising campaign as fast as we can, so hopefully we can get this construction underway. We are thankful for the support we have received from the community during difficult times and we are hoping that when we start our fundraising campaign that people will continue to support us and dig deep for this good cause.”

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