A Madisonville man was arrested Oct. 1 after police were informed he might be bringing Heroin into the town from Knoxville.

Madisonville Police Officer Adam Russell said Narcotics Det. David Wear had been told by a source that Michael Scott Miller was coming back from Knoxville with an eight ball of Heroin he had purchased and would be coming into Madisonville on Oak Grove Road around 1:30 p.m.

Russell said he and Wear stationed themselves on Oak Grove Road at the city limits and a white Toyota Corolla passed them at 1:35 p.m. Russell said it matched the description of the one Miller was said to be driving.

Russell said they stopped the car and found Miller to be a passenger in the vehicle. Miller was asked to step out of the car and, after being read his rights and told what was going on, Miller reportedly admitted he had bought some Heroin.

Russell said Miller was then searched and officers found a baggie with a white, powdery substance in it on him. A digital scale, syringes, alcohol pads, a cut straw, metal cups, foil, cotton and a lighter were found where Miller had been sitting in the car.

On further questioning, Miller allegedly said he had been selling Heroin for $30 a point and that what he had was Fentanyl. He also said he’d purchased Heroin from the same source in Knoxville before.

Russell said the substance did field test as Heroin.

Miller, 26, Oak Grove Road, Madisonville, was charged with possession of Heroin for resale and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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