An Ohio woman was arrested Sept. 27 after she allegedly ran naked through a Sweetwater Hotel, pulling fire alarms.

Sweetwater Police Officer Brandon Cansler said he went to the Oyo Motel and was told by the front desk clerk the woman was knocking on doors, asking if anybody wanted to participate in a sexual activity before running naked through the building and pulling the fire alarms. The clerk said she had been asked several times to leave the building and she wouldn’t.

She had allegedly pulled five alarms in the building.

Cansler said the fire alarms were ringing when he pulled up and he found the woman, identified as Alisha Marie Garvin, coming out of the front lobby. He did not state whether she had put her clothes back on.

Cansler said she was yelling and not making any sense and when asked why she had pulled the alarms, Cansler said she told him she had pulled them because she was about to get raped at a Pilot gas station in Arkansas.

Perhaps realizing where she was at, Cansler said Garvin quickly amended her statement to say it was at a Pilot in Niota.

Cansler contacted the McMinn County Sheriff’s Office and they said they hadn’t had any calls about a potential rape at the Pilot there.

Cansler said Garvin was very nervous with dilated pupils, acted paranoid and couldn’t stand still. When asked if she’d taken any narcotics, Garvin did say she’d “shot up with meth” a couple of days before.

Cansler then arrested Garvin, 29, Alliance, Ohio, charging her with public intoxication, trespassing and filing a false report.

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