It was a meeting without much to shout about as the Madisonville Mayor and Aldermen on Monday afternoon and looked at revisiting their agreement to provide fire protection outside of the city and hiring more patrol officers.

Police and Fire Commissioner Fred Cagle said in 2002 the city agreed to provide assisted fire protection to places like Sequoyah High School and Hiwassee College and others that are just outside the city limits.

“We were told back then,” Cagle said, “that we didn’t have the authority to offer them protection unless they paid for it, so we decided to charge them $250 a year. To be honest, most of them haven’t paid in years.”

Cagle also said some places, like the Maternity Center, are no longer open.

“We need to go through it and see how many we can cut out and how many still need the protection,” Cagle said.

The board agreed to vote on it next month after Cagle finds out if any could be cut or are still interested.

Cagle also said the city needs to hire two more patrol officers for the Police Department.

“I’d actually like to get two full-time officers and one part-time officer,” he said. “We continue to get tons of calls, 7,600 in 2018, and the staff is getting a little thin.”

When asked he planned to pay for three new officers, Cagle said he first wanted to advertise the job and see who applied.

“We want to get at least one certified officer,” he said, “and once we know who we have to talk to we can look at the money we’ll need.”

In other business, the board voted to:

  • The board granted permission to Christianburg Volunteer Fire Department to hold a roadblock on April 27 and June 19 and to the Disabled American Veterans for a roadblock on May 18, with a rain date of May 25.
  • Approval was given to Amy Anderson and John and Julie Anderson to hold a 5K race in Madisonville on April 20.
  • The Madisonville Softball Organization was also given permission to use the Houston Park fields, though they were told the equipment in the concession building belongs to another organization.

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