The City of Sweetwater is actively trying to raise the amount of tourists they receive in their community.

The Main Street and Sweetwater Valley Citizens of the Arts Director Kassie Kelley Watson has been attempting to increase the amount of tourism to come into Sweetwater and said she is now starting to see her efforts pay off.

“We have a bus tour coming from Alabama and they will be here on October the 17th and 18th,” said Watson. “They are staying overnight and going to the Lost Sea and going on a train ride.”

The city will host a party for the tourists in hopes of leaving a good impression on their visitors.

“We are going to have a party for them at Hunters Courtyard with a bluegrass band,” said Watson.

Though Sweetwater has received tourists before, this particular event gives the town a new first time experience.

“We have been going to bus tours (to pique other people’s interest in the town of Sweetwater) and this is our second one to have come,” said Watson. “This is our first overnight visit.”

The city has cooperated with businesses to help make their guests’ stay more enjoyable.

“We have joined forces with Overhill to do the train rides,” said Watson. “We’ve also joined forces with Hunters and our local bluegrass band to give them something cool to do.”

She hopes to continue increasing the amount of tours that come into the city in order to help the city grow.

“I’d love to have a tour group every week,” said Watson. “The more visitors that we have it helps our economy and our main street grow.”

Watson stated their small community has a lot to offer that could leave a lasting impression on visitors.

“We are a small fish in a big sea and we know that, but we know what we bring to the table,” said Watson. “We have the largest underground lake in America, the Lost Sea, and we have the sweetest little downtown in all of Tennessee, we say.”

The city also has other events coming up that could help promote tourism and provide entertainment for the locals.

“We are going to have a downtown Main Street Spooktacular,” said Watson. “We are going to have an obsticle course, selfie stations, free food, and we will be giving out costume awards.”

Another event is scheduled to take place soon after the start of November.

“After Halloween we will be having a square dance on November the 2nd at the depot from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.,” said Watson. “We are going to have $50 prizes for the best dressed couple and best dressed kid.”

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