A woman was arrested Oct. 4 after she allegedly left in a car with her grandchild and came back barely able to walk she was so intoxicated.

Madisonville Police Officer Chris Moses said he and other officers went to an apartment on Church Street, just before noon, and talked to the building manager who said one of her tenants was at work and her mother was in the apartment with her grandchild.

The manager said she checked on the apartment around 10 a.m. and the woman, Leslie Diane Wynn, and the child were fine. She said not long after that, a woman arrived in a car and Wynn and the child got inside and left.

She said the car was only gone about 15 minutes and when it returned, Wynn was allegedly very unstable on her feet and was unable to carry the grandchild. The manager said the other woman in the car carried the grandchild into the apartment and when she left, the manager attempted to ask her what was going on, but the woman wouldn’t say anything.

Moses said he and the other officers went to the apartment, but couldn’t get Wynn to answer. The manager then knocked, announced who they were, and opened the door.

Moses said they found Wynn on the couch holding the child and she was nodding in and out as officers talked to her.

Moses said the child was taken from her and he tried to get Wynn to tell him what was going on and she eventually allegedly admitted she had used Heroin while gone.

The child’s mother was called at her workplace and she came and took her child. Wynn was taken to Sweetwater Hospital for a medical evaluation.

Wynn, 48, Ellis Street, Vonore, was charged with child neglect.

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