The City of Sweetwater officially opened an outdoor fitness center last Friday at Sweetwater City Recreation Park.

City Mayor Doyle Lowe welcomed everyone in attendance to the dedication and launch of the first National Fitness Campaign Outdoor Fitness Court in the State of Tennessee.

“We want to encourage all of you to use this court often and share it with friends,” Sweetwater Mayor Doyle Lowe said. “We hope you download the app and it will teach you new fitness routines at all fitness levels.”

The mayor first congratulated the city commissioners for their involvement in the fitness center.

“I’d like to thank, especially, Commissioner Hughes for prioritizing this project,” Lowe expressed. “In the past year, having options for outdoor facilities has become a priority and this project was fast tracked.”

The next recipient of gratitude from the mayor was the National Fitness Campaign for their grant.

“Our city applied for this grant in January. The grant used data to determine if our proposed site would be eligible,” he stated. “We received the grant in March and construction was completed in September.”

Following the National Fitness Campaign was the city’s Parks and Recreation Department for site preparation and for fixing the site after the construction had completed.

“The parks staff and Rob Burris trained to provide the maintenance and inspections on the court from this point forward,” Lowe noted. “A special thank you to Angie Borden, the newest staff member, who drove to North Carolina and back when the contractor ran out of adhesive. She kept us on time for the completion of the court.”

The next organization to receive recognition was the Sweetwater Hospital Association.

“Melissa was instrumental and one of the first phone calls we made when we applied for this grant,” Lowe expressed. “They provided a generous donation to be our banner sponsor for the fitness court.”

Lowe then introduced the crowed to the fitness ambassadors who will help those who are interested in utilizing the equipment.

“Thank you for demonstrating healthy lifestyles and learning how to use this facility so you can help others,” Lowe said. “Learning how to use this facility is important and this is a big day for us, this is going to be here for a long time and we just want to enjoy it.”

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