A family dispute on Monroe Street in Sweetwater on Sunday afternoon led to an alleged machete attack, tear gas being used, a police officer being bitten and two people arrested.

Sweetwater Officer Justin White said it started just before 4 p.m. when Sgt. Daniel Johnson was sent to a house on Monroe Street for a family dispute but when he arrived, he was told the call had been made by mistake and everything was fine.

When White arrived at the house, Nathaniel Thompson told him Derek Melancon, his mother’s boyfriend, had started the fight again and reportedly started hitting Thompson in the face before producing a machete and hitting him in the ribs with it, causing a small laceration.

White said while he was talking to Thompson, Krystal Maples, Thompson’s mother, appeared to be intoxicated and was yelling at him and other officers and then fell down the steps as she was trying to come off the porch.

White said he told her several times to go back in the house, but she refused and when he started to take her into custody, she pulled away from him and he ended up taking her to the ground where she refused to give them her hands and kicked at them.

White said with the help of county deputies, they managed to get Maples into leg restraints and get her into White’s patrol car, but she refused to let them close the door. As he was trying to get her seated properly, White said Maples bit his right forearm and Deputy Billy Carson used his stun Taser on her leg.

The Taser didn’t work, but White said they finally got Maples under control in the car.

White then left to take her to jail while the other officers tried to get Melancon to come out of the house, but multiple knocks on the door didn’t get him out.

The officers then threw a gas container into the house and Melancon came out and was arrested.

Maples, 38, was charged with public intoxication, simple assault on an officer and resisting arrest.

Melancon, 36, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault by domestic violence and resisting arrest.

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