A woman was taken to UT Medical Center Sept. 1 after her boyfriend allegedly assaulted her.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Dakota Rinehart said he went to a residence on Creek Road near Sweetwater just after 6 p.m. on a call of a couple fighting. When he arrived, he met with two men, including Jayson Clover, who were living in a tent behind the house.

Rinehart said he talked to each separately and they both said there had been no physical assault, that they had just been arguing over something. Rinehart said he knew there was another party involved and asked if he could look around to make sure no one else was injured.

Rinehart said he found a woman in the tent and she was nearly unconscious and had lacerations all over her body that were bleeding. He also saw a large area of discoloration on her abdomen, along with marks on her face, a busted lip and a red mark around her neck consistent with being strangled.

Rinehart said the woman was barely able to talk, but she did manage to say that Jayson Clover was the one who had injured her. Rinehart called in EMS and the woman was taken to UT Medical Center due to the fear she might have been bleeding internally.

Det. Samantha Filley was called to the scene and the woman told her the same thing about Jayson Clover. When Rinehart asked Clover about the woman’s injuries, he said he had no idea how she’d been hurt.

Rinehart said he later talked to a woman from UT who said the woman had told her Clover had assaulted her with a clothes hanger.

Clover, 37, who had assault warrants on him out of Harrison County in Mississippi, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault by domestic violence.

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