A man accused of assaulting his wife had no use for the Sweetwater Police who showed up to find out why a caller to 911 had hung up.

Officer Kelvin Franco said he went to a house on Johnson Street and found two people there before splitting them up.

Franco said he talked to Patrick Roose while Officer Nick Cannon spoke to the woman. Roose told Franco he and his wife had been fighting over old stuff. Franco said it appeared Roose had been drinking, but when he asked him if he had been, Roose said no.

Franco, who did not yet know Roose’s name, said he asked his name and Roose just stared at him.

Franco said he went inside to talk to the woman and ask for their names, and she was playing a recording of Roose saying he was going to kill the chief of police and blow her head off.

At that time, Franco said Roose came into the house and began acting hostile to her. Franco said he told Roose to go back outside with him and Roose pushed him. Franco said he grabbed Roose then and the suspect pushed him again and attempted to go further into the house.

Franco said he and Cannon took Roose to the ground then and Cannon’s glasses fell off and hit the ground, breaking.

Franco said Roose continued to fight, punching Franco in the face twice, scratching and drawing blood.

Franco said he hit Roose back and the suspect kicked his leg out, hitting Cannon’s vest, knocking the body camera off. Cannon then used his Taser to drive stun Roose into submission.

For a second. Franco said Roose grabbed Cannon by his vest in an attempt to pull him down, ripping it in the process, and drawing blood from Cannon’s hand.

Franco said after the two officers gained leverage on Roose, he gave up.

Franco said as they were walking to a patrol car, Roose asked, “Is there anything we can do to make this go away? Money? Anything?”

Patrick Roose, 33, was charged with two counts aggravated assault on an officer, bribery of a public servant, vandalism and resisting arrest.

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