Lawsuit filed over 2018 wreck

In this file photo from June 2018, emergency workers respond to a wreck involving a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office vehicle. A lawsuit has been filed in Loudon County a year after the wreck.

A Knox County man has sued a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy, the Sheriff’s Office and the Monroe County Government itself after he was injured in a wreck while being transported as a prisoner.

Joshua D. Roberts, 38, Powell, filed the lawsuit in Loudon County, where the wreck occurred, and is seeking a total of $1.3 million in damages from the three defendants.

The lawsuit says Roberts was picked up in Knox County on June 10, 2018, on a Monroe County warrant for failure to appear. He then stayed in the Knox County Jail until June 13, 2018, when David Greaves, a deputy for Monroe County, came to transport him to the Monroe County jail.

The lawsuit says that at 4:50 p.m. that day, Roberts was shackled in the back seat as Greaves drove down Highway 411 in Loudon County and lost control of the Chevrolet Tahoe with Monroe County Sheriff’s Office markings.

The lawsuit says Roberts screamed at Greaves that they were going to crash, but it made no difference. Roberts was not buckled in, according to the lawsuit, and was thrown around inside the vehicle as it crossed the left hand turn lane, over both northbound lanes, left the roadway, struck a small retaining wall, a grill and a picnic table, drove through two shrub thickets and came to rest in a field.

The lawsuit says Greaves then called a third-party individual instead of contacting authorities as required by law.

The lawsuit continues to say that Greaves operated the vehicle in a negligent and reckless manner and that his failure to securely buckle Roberts into the vehicle showed a total disregard for Roberts’ safety.

The lawsuit says since Greaves is authorized by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, an operation of the county, the county is also liable in the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Roberts said he suffered several injuries during the wreck, has had considerable pain since and has racked up several medical expenses and expects to incur more.

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