Madisonville Patrolman Colby Eaton said he was on Patterson Street at Isbill Road when he saw a car making a U-turn, an event that would eventually lead to a drug bust.

Eaton said it was around 10:45 p.m. when he saw a Pontiac G6 make the u-turn and ran a check on the license plate. It came back as being registered to a Geo.

Eaton said he pulled the car over on Helms Drive and found the driver to be Brian Austin Presley and a passenger identified as Melissa Morgan. Eaton said Presley didn’t have a driver’s license and was only able to produce an ID card. Another check showed his driver’s license was revoked.

Eaton said he asked Presley to get out of the car and a pat down turned up a knife in his pocket along with a cylinder shaped object. Eaton asked Presley if he could get the object out, Presley said he could, and Eaton said he pulled out a metal pill container.

Presley told Eaton the container had Suboxone and Clonazepam in it. Eaton said he did find eight and a half Suboxone and two Clonazepam pills.

Eaton then asked for and received permission to search the car and Patrolman Jessie Moses located a small aluminum foil that contained a substance believed to be meth, a glasses case in the center console containing three needles, one of which had a liquid substance in it. There was also a small canister in the case with more suspected meth in it and several baggies containing a crystal substance.

Morgan then told Moses she had several bags of meth concealed inside of her person in the groin area and she was afraid the bags were going to burst open. She asked if she could take them out. Moses told her she could and she moved to the front of the car, her back to the officers, and removed them.

Eaton said a bigger bag weighed 4 grams while a smaller one weighed .07 grams.

Eaton read Presley his rights, Presley said he understood, and admitted he occasionally sold meth to make some extra money.

Presley, 33, George Thomas Road, Vonore, was charged with possession of meth for resale, possession of Suboxone, possession of Clonazepam, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a revoked license.

Morgan, 20, Mecca Pike, Tellico Plains, was charged with possession of meth for resale.

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