Andi McCallie

Andi McCallie

A Vonore teacher who was charged with shoplifting in June of 2014 has been slapped with the same charge again five years later.

Vonore Middle School teacher Andrea “Andi” McCallie has been suspended by Monroe County Director of Schools Tim Blankenship after the Madisonville Walmart alleged she took items from the store and left without paying for them.

Unlike many shoplifting accusations at the store, the police were not called in and it was store security officer Brandy Walker who took out a criminal summons on McCallie. The summons says on May 20, Walker witnessed McCallie “select and conceal $77.39 worth of merchandise and pass all points of sale” without paying for the items.

Walker said she stopped McCallie and asked about the theft and the summons ends there, saying only that it happened in Madisonville.

When he learned about the theft accusation, Blankenship sent McCallie a letter stating she has was being suspended. McCallie is a tenured teacher. However, in the letter sent to the teacher, Blankenship quoted Monroe County Board of Education policy as stating “The director of schools may suspend a tenured teacher at any time when deemed necessary for conduct unbecoming a member of the teaching profession.”

In paperwork obtained from the Monroe County School System through a public records request, The Advocate & Democrat learned that McCallie has now been accused of “unbecoming behavior” four separate times.

In addition to the two theft incidents, in 2003, McCallie was accused of helping students select the correct answers on tests. Then Director of Schools Joe Helms decided the alleged improprieties did not warrant suspension or dismissal, but he ordered a complete review of her testing procedure.

In May of 2010, McCallie was called in to discuss the 2010 TCAP Achievement testing process with the late Director of Schools Mike Lowry. The documentation said there were alleged deficiencies in McCallie’s testing method, but the letter telling her about the alleged offense was the only paperwork released.

In 2014, McCallie was charged by Loudon Police for shoplifting $40.52 worth of merchandise at the Food City in Loudon. A few months later, she was arrested when she failed to appear in Loudon County Court on the charge. The charges were later dropped, according to Loudon County court officials. For that particular offense, Blankenship suspended McCallie for three days without pay in October 2014.

With the current charge, McCallie has 60 days to respond to Blankenship’s decision. Blankenship’s contract expires at the end of June, meaning the situation will likely have to be dealt with his successor as director of schools.

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