A man who wouldn’t give a name July 12, and later caused trouble at the jail, is still known only as John Doe.

Sweetwater Police Officer Kelvin Franco said he went to the Economy Inn and found a man who was acting strange and appeared to be under the influence of something.

Franco said he asked the man where he was from and the man pointed north and said Mexico. Franco the asked him his name and the man said they don’t give names in Heaven and that they called him brother.

Franco said he attempted to engage the man in conversation and get his name, but the man started talking “out of his head” even more and Franco decided he was was a danger to himself and others and placed him under arrest without any trouble.

Later that night, Monroe County Sheriff’s Sgt. Randall Miller said SPD brought John Doe to the jail where a pat down was done on him. Miller said the man was very confused and wouldn’t answer any questions.

Deputy Ethan Freeman took the man to the shower area to conduct a strip search, but the man dropped into a fighting stance and appeared he was going to strike Freeman before the man, Freeman and Miller all went down on the floor.

Miller said Doe began hitting Freeman and then grabbed Freeman by the left side of his face and pressed his thumb into Freeman’s eye. Another deputy then gave Doe a hit from a Taser and Doe eventually stopped fighting and was placed into handcuffs. He was then put into a restraint chair.

Freeman said he was having blurred vision in his left eye and he was told to have it checked by an eye doctor.

Doe, no address or age known, was charged with public intoxication and assault on a police officer.

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