An undercover operation led to the arrest of a Madisonville man on drug charges June 16.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Narcotics Agent Dalton Rinehart said he sent Agent Brandon Burley to an apartment on Beth Street to buy drugs from Larry Bryant.

Rinehart said Bryant arrived at the apartment in a Dodge Ram truck and allegedly sold Burley 3.7 grams of meth.

During the transaction, Rinehart said Bryant told Burley the drug would keep him high for three consecutive days and said it was of high quality. He also said he’d been stopped by the sheriff’s office the night before and they hadn’t located the guns or drugs in his possession at the time.

Bryant allegedly said he had an 8 ball on him, two types of marijuana, two pistols and a rifle in his truck when he was stopped. However, he was now traveling light because of that traffic stop.

After the deal was over, Rinehart said Bryant left the apartment, got in his truck and drove off. He was stopped at the intersection of Veal Heights and College Street by Rinehart and other officers and placed under arrest.

A search of his truck turned up four bags of meth, two glass pipes, empty bags, a set of digital scales and rolling papers. Rinehart said a 9mm handgun with a magazine inserted was also in the truck. After being read his Miranda Rights, Rinehart said Bryant admitted he’d been selling meth.

Bryant, 48, Highway 411, Madisonville, was charged with possession of meth for sale and delivery, possession of meth for resale, possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

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