An order to be quiet led to a Madisonville hotel arrest Jan. 5.

Madisonville Police Officer Travis Gunter said he was sent to the Town and Country Motel on Highway 411 just before 3 a.m. after someone called 911, but was told “shhhh” by someone after the operator answered.

Gunter said when he got to the motel, he talked with a person in another room who said there was a woman in the next room being beaten and asked the police to please help her. The complainant also said a man could be heard screaming in the room and beating the woman.

Gunter said he and officer Kyle Day attempted to get someone to come to the door of the next room, but there was no answer, though they could hear what sounded like someone trying to barricade the door.

The officers then got the manager to come with a key, but the door turned out to be unlocked, though there was a chair against the door.

The officers then made their way into the room and found a man and woman hiding in the bathroom.

They separated the man and woman and the woman said the man, identified as Jason Hatcher, hadn’t gotten upset because he thought she was talking to another man. She said Hatcher began to punch the walls and was screaming and cursing.

She said she was on her phone at one point and Hatcher thought she was calling another man to come get her, so he grabbed her by the right arm. Gunter said she did have bruising on her right arm.

She said when officers arrived, Hatcher told her to hide in the bathroom and hush. He then barricaded the door.

Both the woman and Hatcher said they’d had trouble with police before and were hiding from them.

Hatcher, 41, was charged with domestic assault.

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