When Monroe County Narcotic’s Agent Dalton Rinehart got behind a motorcycle in Dec. 5 he didn’t know he was about to engage in a high speed chase.

But when the motorcycle turned into Old Highway 68 near Three Point Market in Madisonville, Rinehart stayed behind it until the rider looked back, saw Rinehart and took off at a high rate of speed.

Rinehart said he turned on his lights and siren in an attempt to stop the motorcycle, but the rider kept going, forcing an oncoming truck into a driveway at one point.

Rinehart said he chased the motorcycle to Cherokee Circle at speeds up to 80 mph before they turned into the neighborhood and accelerated again before turning onto a dead end road and slowing.

Rinehart said he was trying to get close enough to see the tag number when the rider accelerated again and then came to a nearly complete stop and Rinehart, unable to stop in time, hit him.

Rinehart said the hit wasn’t a high speed one and the rider was standing when he got out of his patrol car. Rinehart said he drew his Taser, ordered the rider to the ground where he handcuffed him without incident.

Rinehart identified the rider as George Alan Webb and said a container found in his pocket contained suspected meth and a what looked like a burned marijuana joint.

Rinehart said Webb didn’t have a motorcycle license, insurance or registration. Rinehart said the VIN on the motorcycle was scratched and painted over. Webb, who refused medical treatment, was taken to the jail.

Webb, 37, College Street, Madisonville, was charged with possession of meth, felony reckless endangerment and evading arrest.

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