A Georgia man is facing 21 counts of burglary after his female accomplice told police she had been with him the night of the burglaries.

Sweetwater Police Officer Jarren Turpeinen said he was flagged down by an employee of American Self Storage just before 10 a.m. Sept. 4 who told him multiple storage units had been broken into.

Turpeinen said he talked the business owner and property manager who told him camera footage from 4:19 a.m. that day showed a man who typed in random numbers on the entrance keyboard until, amazingly, on only his 20th try, he opened the gate.

The camera footage showed the man and a woman pull up to the gate in a white Chevrolet Avalanche. Using the vehicle as a starting point, Turpeinen was able to find out the truck came from Walker County, Georgia.

Turpeinen said the Walker County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and the man was identified as Jared Allen Ball. Turpeinen then contacted the owner of the truck and she said it was her grandson who had borrowed the vehicle a few days earlier. She also said the woman was Ivy Kaiser.

A deputy in Walker County contacted Kaiser and she admitted it was her and Ball at the storage place before Sept. 4 and that she was only with him the first night when they stole an air compressor and some tools.

Overall, Turpeinen said Ball allegedly took $15,198 worth of items from the storage units.

Ball, 22, Veeler Road, LaFayette, Georgia, is facing 21 charges of burglary when he is brought to Tennessee.

Kaiser, 34, Highway 151, LayFayette, Georgia, is facing five charges of burglary.

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