A search of an overflowing toilet led to two women and a man being arrested in Madisonville Aug. 31.

Madisonville Police Det. Thomas Spradlin said he and other officers went to an apartment on Willow Creek Drive on suspicion of drug activity taking place.

Spradlin said officers served a search warrant and found Jody Dean Townson, Belinda Eileen Adams and Belinda Lynn Burton in the apartment. They also noticed a toilet was overflowing into the living room.

The officers detained the women, went into the bathroom and found a plastic bag that someone had attempted to flush down the toilet.

The officers retrieved the bag and found it contained eight corner cut baggies with a crystal like substance inside that appeared to be meth.

Spradlin said Townson claimed it all was his and a further search of the apartment turned up more plastic baggies and two sets of digital scales. Spradlin said the meth weighed 38 grams, which is more than is usually associated with personal use.

A search of Townsend turned up $454 in every denomination it is possible to have.

A search of Burton’s purse then allegedly turned up two corner cut baggies with suspected meth inside weighing three grams.

A search of Adams' purse also reportedly turned up suspected meth inside an Altoids container. Officers also found several cut straws, items that can be used to take drugs.

Townson, 50,who lives in the apartment, was charged with possession of meth for resale and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Burton, 49, Vonore Road, Loudon, was charged with possession of meth.

Adams, 57, Vonore Road, Loudon, was charged with possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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