It was an alleged assault that reportedly involved a gun, a knife and a drunk 20 year old.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy David Kilby said he was sent to Corntassel Road just after 7 p.m. Tuesday night, being told that a man who had assaulted another man had left the residence in a gray truck.

Kilby said he and Deputy Chris Moses saw the truck on Corntassel Road and as they passed it, the driver took off at a high rate of speed.

Moses soon found the truck in a driveway on Corntassel Road. The tag on it came back to a Tallen Keith Manis. Kilby said he and Moses knocked on the door of the house and asked the homeowner if Manis was inside. The homeowner said he was and would go get him.

Kilby said he saw Manis stumble toward the door, appearing to be crying. Kilby read him his rights, then asked him what had happened at the other house.

Kilby said Manis told them he had drank nine beers, the last one about an hour earlier. Kilby then patted Manis down for weapons. Manis told the officer that he had a pocket knife on him, but Kilby could not find it.

Manis said the knife had to be in the truck and they all went to look, but once again it was not found. Kilby said Manis kept saying he should not have been drinking and should not have been driving after he did, but two people had gotten in a fight at the house and he left.

The deputies took Manis back to the other house, where Kyran Ray told them he woke up to Manis “in his face” and that he had hit Manis in the mouth and pushed him away and the two got in a fight. Ray told the deputies he ran outside to get away and Manis followed him. He said Manis allegedly cut him twice with a knife on the left side of his body.

Ray told Kilby he ran to a neighbor’s house and as he did, he heard two gunshots behind him.

Kilby said two shotgun shells were found on a sidewalk along with the knife.

Manis, 20, Corntassel Road, Vonore, was charged with underage consumption and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

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