Compassion Ministries will be giving $50,000 worth of food to the Coker Creek area on May 29.

They plan to set up at the Coker Creek Elementary School with the food being distributed by drive through due to social distancing regulations by the CDC during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Compassion Ministries plans to arrive at the school at 10 a.m. and will start the drive through at 12 p.m.

Unlike previous arrivals in the area that lasted for two days, this event will only be available on the 29th.

“With the restriction on everything we had to pull down to just one day,” said Compassion Ministries Director Robin Rolland. “So we will show up, give food and clean up all in one day.”

The plan is to have someone guide and line up the vehicles as they arrive and serve two vehicles at a time.

“We will get the information that we need from them like their name, phone number and how many people they have in their house and then ask them to pop their trunk,” said Rolland. “We will fill their trunk for them so there won’t be any contact and we will keep our distance from them.”

She stated they have not encountered many issues or setbacks related to COVID-19, however they have noticed an increase in people that need help.

“We just want to come down to that area to help anyone in need,” said Rolland.

They plan to bring a freezer truck to distribute meat given the current meat shortages. She wanted to return to the Coker Creek area due to the amount of friendly people who arrived during their previous visit.

“We had an event there last Christmas and it turned out absolutely fantastic,” said Rolland. “People went home with about $400 worth of groceries and they were very kind and very appreciative, so in our scheduling we thought that we were going to go back to that area.”

She hopes that offering the food drive will be a blessing to the area.

“We would like to encourage everyone to come out and give us the opportunity to give them some food,” said Rolland. “We are going to be bringing in a lot of food. There are no restrictions and everybody is welcome.”

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