Four people were arrested June 18 after they were caught allegedly “squatting” in an apartment in South Madisonville.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Bivens said it was a little after 3 p.m. when he went to serve a writ of possession on the apartment to Shawntell Denise West and all occupants because they weren’t supposed to be in the apartment.

When he arrived, Bivens said he found what appeared to be 11 or 12 people mainly in the apartment and met West outside. He gave her the writ and told her she and everybody else in the apartment needed to get any belongings they had and leave.

Bivens said several people immediately took off running and he got someone tell him their names so he could run warrant checks and then the apartment owners, West and some others began yelling at each other.

Bivens said he told the owners to remove all the belongings from the apartment and for West to stop threatening the owners. He said everyone left then except for West, Dakota Wayne Hatfield, Natalie Breann Burns and a juvenile.

Bivens said these four were yelling at him and cursing him the entire time and he told West she needed to have all the belongings gone within 24 hours and they couldn’t be around the apartment except to get the items.

They appeared to pay no attention and kept yelling and cursing at Bivens, leaving their items spread on the ground and refusing to leave.

Bivens said a man identified as Brently Eugene Kirkland, who had run away earlier, came back and when Bivens asked him who he was and why he’d come back, the man told him, “(Expletive), I don’t have to tell you nothing!”

Bivens said he handcuffed Kirkland and then called Sessions Judge Benjy Thomas and told him what was going on and asked what needed to be done. Thomas told him to arrest everyone and charge them with obstruction of service of process.

So, that’s what Bivens did. West, 23, Hartland Drive, Madisonville; Hatfield, 21, Belcher Road, Madisonville; and Burns, 19, Sleep Valley Road, Madisonville, were all charged with obstruction of service of process.

Kirkland, 21, Highway 411, Madisonville, was charged with disorderly conduct.

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