Sweetwater Hospital Association has a new doctor, but one that may be familiar to some.

Ashlin Paz has been announced as the new OB/GYN doctor for Sweetwater Hospital.

As a medical student, she studied and worked in Monroe County at the hospital.

“I’m so excited, it was really nice to come back,” said Paz. “I was here as a medical student almost six years ago. It is different being on this side of things but it is really fun.”

She made the decision to become an OB/GYN while she was in medical school.

“It had been on my radar a little bit but after studying here I decided that was definitely what I wanted to do,” she noted. “It is nice to come back to where it all started.”

She believes her career and personal life hold plenty of accomplishments.

“I think getting through medical school and residency is a pretty hefty accomplishment so I have been pretty proud of that,” Paz exclaimed. “Being a mom is another accomplishment, I have an 18 month old and I’m pregnant with another one, so being a mom and a wife is a pretty big accomplishment too.”

There are several aspects to her job that she enjoys as well.

“I love delivering babies, I think anyone would understand why, but I also love seeing patients in the clinic and getting to follow up with them long term,” she explained. “Whether they are pregnant, postpartum or later on down the road need a GYN, surgeries or other things and get to see them throughout their whole span of life.”

Now that she’s back in Sweetwater, she wishes to establish good relationships with her patients.

“I’m new to town now but I hope to be here for a couple of decades so that I can see people throughout their whole span of their gynecologic needs,” she stated.

She believes the current pandemic hasn’t really affected her job.

“We are lucky that most of our patients are young and healthy, so I haven’t had a lot of direct exposure both in Oklahoma or here in Tennessee,” she said. “I do think that all of the additional restrictions nationwide on the visitors, moms during labor and delivery have been a difficult topic to address ... It has not been as hard for me here to counsel my patients as it was when we were a little bit more restrictive and when I was in Tulsa.”

Paz is originally from McMinnville where she attended Warren County High School.

She attended college at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama before attending medical school at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate and then she performed her residency at Oklahoma State University.

Her immediate family consists of her husband, Josh Paz, and their daughter, Emma.

“My husband and I are high school sweethearts and we are lucky to have some of our extended family who are originally from East Tennessee as well,” she said. “My sister-in-law is a pediatrician at Chota. My mother and father in law moved to Loudon after they realized several of their children would be in the area and my family is from middle Tennessee, so it is nice to be within great driving distance of them as well.”

She believes her family helped influence her decision to become a medical professional.

“My mom is a nurse, so growing up I was pretty heavily exposed to the health care field,” she stated. “So I think that helped start me in this direction from a young age.”

Her current hobbies consist of fly fishing, hiking and needle point.

“I’m super excited to be back in East Tennessee, I am a small town girl so it is nice setting back up in a smaller community,” Paz said. “I’m excited to get connected and take care of people here in Sweetwater.”

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