Sequoyah band members

Shown here are Sequoyah band members Hector Leyva, Jared Anderson and Sammie Beverley, who have been named to the State Honor Band Clinic.

Three students from Sequoyah High School have made it to the all-state band competition for the first time in several years.

According to their teacher, Linda Trout, the competition encompasses the eastern region of the state.

“They work up music and audition, which this year the auditions were held virtually, so they had to submit a video of them playing so many scales in the music they worked up,” Trout said. “We had several that tried out, but three were selected from the auditions.”

The three students who passed the auditions are Hector Leyva, Jared Anderson and Sammie Beverley.

“Hector and Jared are both juniors and are in the 11th and 12th grade category while Sammie is a sophomore and is in the 9th and 10th grade category,” noted Trout. “Jared and Sammie scored high enough in their seating placement and were selected to go on to the State Honor Band Clinic, which is all-state.”

Trout noted the all-state competition would be held differently this year due to the pandemic.

“Normally they would rehearse and give concert in another audition, but since they are not doing auditions again this year they are just giving them the all-state designation,” Trout said. “They will be having a virtual conference this weekend that will feature stuff for them to do, but they will not be holding a virtual concert because it would be pretty complicated to do.”

Trout noted that prior to these students, she only had two other students who have gone to all-state.

“This is the first time in several years that we had students audition and make it high enough to all-state,” she expressed. “It is just unfortunate that they don’t get to participate in the clinic ... It takes some of the excitement out of it.”

She said having students participate in the clinic gives the school representation at the regional and state level in music and arts.

“The band itself competes in several national competitions, but this is individual students’ work and accomplishments,” she said. “They are representing themselves, their family and the school very well.”

Making it to this level is something the students can use to continue their education career.

“It looks good on a college application and it is a feather in your cap to say that ‘I accomplished this,’” Trout expressed. “It is definitely an accomplishment for the student and I am extremely proud of them. I am proud that they chose to do it and I encourage all of my other students to get out there and push themselves, to go the extra mile and do something more.”

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