A Sweetwater man was arrested after he allegedly got into a gunfight June 16.

Sweetwater Police Officer Brandon Cansler said he went to Fair Street just before 6 p.m. and talked to Keith Wilson who told him a gray BMW had pulled up at his Fair Street house and four people got out, displayed guns and threatened him.

Wilson reportedly told Cansler he got his own gun and chased the car to another house on Fair Street and asked them what the problem was. He said a man named Damien Lenard got out of the car and fired three shots into the passenger side of Wilson’s vehicle and then the car took off.

Wilson said he briefly attempted to chase the car again, but decided to go back to his house and wait for police.

Cansler said Wilson had a .22 caliber Marlin rifle in his car and the rear window was shattered and there appeared to be two bullet holes in the passenger side of the car.

Cansler said he then went to the other house on Fair Street and talked to a man who said that Wilson had pulled up in front of their house and pointed a .22 caliber rifle out the window at them and fired several shots. The man said Lenard then returned fire from the yard, striking Wilson’s vehicle before he Lenard left in the BMW.

Cansler said there were several 9mm shell casings in the yard and glass in the street where Wilson’s vehicle had been struck.

Det. John Scruggs took over the case and interviewed several people who said along with Lenard in the car were three other people, including a juvenile. He also saw video from a nearby park that showed Wilson chasing the car. Authorities were still searching for Lenard, but Wilson, 52, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault for his part in the incident.

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