Loud music and an outstanding warrant led to a Madisonville man being arrested late Thursday night, authorities said.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy David Kilby went to a home on Huskey Road around 11:30 p.m. looking for a David Hunter. The officer said he found the house’s door open with a man standing in it and loud music coming from within.

Kilby said he told the man in the doorway who he was looking for and the man told the officer that his name was Chris Howard. The man allegedly said Kilby Hunter lived next door, but had moved. He said the new tenants might know something.

According to Kilby, a woman was in the house and he asked her who all was there and she said it was just her and Howard. The two then went back into the house and closed the door.

Kilby said he went next door and found Randy Lee James, who was also wanted by authorities, but wasn’t the one he was looking for. Kilby placed James under arrest and then saw a silver Saturn pull up to the residence. The officer talked to the people in the car and they said they did not know a Chris Howar, but then they went into the house that Howard was in.

Kilby did a little more checking and found that Howard was actually Thomas Edward Johnson, who was wanted in both McMinn and Monroe counties.

Narcotics Agents Jim Wall and Dalton Rinehart, along with Kilby, knocked on the door and asked for Johnson to come out. Kilby said no one would open the door, but the people in the house argued with them over whether they had to open the door.

Officers told the people in the house that the door would be kicked in if they did not open it, but the people inside continued to argue over whether or not they had to open it.

Kilby said Rinehart then kicked open the door and they found Johnson laying on the floor of a back room. Rinehart also found a crystal substance believed to be meth and a baggie of a green plant thought to be marijuana in Johnson’s possession.

Johnson, 37, was charged with possession of meth, possession of marijuana and criminal impersonation.

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