A Madisonville-area man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly threatened to kill two people with a knife.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Billy Littleton said it was just after 8 p.m, when he talked to Katie Allmon, James Marshall and two minor children at the Sheriff’s Office.

Katie Allmon told Littleton she and her husband, James Allmon, have been separated for a while and they have an agreement on visitation for the child they share.

The woman said she had gone to pick up the child around 7 p.m. and found James Allmon had allowed the child to leave with his mother, someone Katie Allmon did not want around the boy.

Katie Allmon said she told her husband she was going to call the police to locate the boy and James Allmon then allegedly pulled a knife and approached the car she, Marshall and two other children were sitting in.

The woman said she was scared for her life because her husband threatened to kill her and tried to attack her. Marshall said he asked James Allmon to put up the knife and he allegedly turned and tried to attack him.

Marshall said he used to car door to bump James Allmon to keep from getting stabbed. Marshall told Littleton that he knocked the knife out of James Allmon’s hand, grabbing it and throwing it into the grass out of reach.

One of the juveniles present allegedly said he had witnessed Allmon try to hurt Marshall and Katie Allmon with a knife.

Littleton said he went to James Allmon’s home on Highway 411 around 10 p.m. to get his side of the story and while the man admitted there had been an altercation, he said he did not remember much about it. Littleton said he did not find a knife at the scene.

James Allmon, 38, was charged with aggravated assault and aggravated assault by domestic violence.

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